Pracuj z nami! Customer Service/Administrative Specialist – Aplikuj!
(Marzec 26, 2019)

We are looking for:

a person who will support the targets growth and help gaining new leads for Geobear – a Scandinavian company delivering the most updated technologies for ground improvement.

Precisely speaking:

– proactive person (“do-it” type of personality)

– goal orientated

– responsible & involved

– presenting excellent social skills

Location: Warsaw, ul. Domaniewska 39A


  1. Customer Service
  • interview & log customer calls (phone inquiries)
  • maintain the mailbox interview & log customer mail inquiries
  • maintain CRM data
  • log customer complaints
  • log customer’s feedback (weekly & monthly)
  • log other customers interviews: e.g. reasons for closed-lost opportunities
  • replying any other calls
    • be ‘contact’ person when customers can not reach sales.
    • managing other calls about invoices, contracts, drawings, etc
  • collecting testimonials (both: paper & e-mailed)
  • Setting up site visits for sales when needed
  • Office Mail manage and respond
  1. Marketing support
  • arrange trade shows/exhibitions:
    • “admin” part of preparing events or exhibitions: enrolling the participants and/or company presence
    • hotel booking, entrance cards etc.
    • invoices and documentation flow
  • help with arranging company events:
    • internal meetings
    • Trainings/Seminar
    • arranging office merchandize: stamps, business cards, office utlities other
    • arranging all translations needed EN to PL and vice versa
  1. Finance, HR, ICT, Sales
  • request credit check on new commercial customers
  • Issuing Site visit invoices, follow up and update SF
  • Weekly cash flow report update
  • Preparing employment agreements
  • Employee agreement renew request admin work
  • Arrange employee credit cards/bank account setup
  • Arranging new employee medical tests
  • Arranging operatives H&S and other trainings
  • Manage scheduling in the absence of Operations Manager
  • Arranging legal reminders with Lawyers
  • Prepare monthly sales report
  • Arranging Zenon and heating inspection in absence of Operations Manager
  • Arrange new phones, computers and other IT equipment as needed
  • Arrange penetrometers, lazer levels and drills for sales employees
  • Ensure insurances for each equipments used
  • Lead the procurement to go through same process when selecting any new vendor in any unit
  • add invoice paid data to Salesforce
  • Any other admin tasks as required

To apply, please send your CV and cover letter to

Brief Overview of Geobear

Geobear is a company with Scandinavian roots that provides solutions and treatment for ground that is experiencing subsidence or instability. Whether under a home, commercial property or infrastructure, Geobear’s fast geopolimer injections restabilise ground, fill voids and lift slabs with barely any disruption.